Statement of Purpose

Fun Foundations Day Nursery in Cowbridge offers a day care facility for boys and girls aged between 6 weeks and 8 years through the medium of English. We support the development of bilingualism in pre-school children through the daily use of incidental Welsh in our setting. We provide a happy, caring, stimulating, safe environment and warm relationships between our staff and children. We believe these combinations promote the development of positive self-esteem and confidence in children.

We use the ‘Birth to Three Matters’ framework and ‘The Foundation Phase’ to provide a broad and balanced curriculum to support the physical, emotional, social and intellectual development of each child. We aim to assist each individual to reach their full potential and develop life-long learning skills.

The nursery is open Monday to Friday from 7:30 to 18:00 with the exception of Bank Holidays. Fees and session information are available on the Registration and Fees page of the web-site.

Fun Foundations operates a waiting list and whenever a vacancy arises a place will be offered to the applicant at the top of the waiting list. For more information on admissions please refer to our Admissions Policy, which can be found on the policies page of the web-site.

A deposit is paid when registering a child (this is refundable when the child leaves if the account is paid in full). This is not refundable if the place is not taken up. All fees are payable calendar monthly in advance and four weeks notice must be given for a child leaving a nursery.

Our nursery has two fully equipped units providing places for 21 babies aged between six weeks and two years and 15 children aged between two and three years and 15 children aged between three and five years. Staffing ratios are,:under two’s 1:3, two – three years 1:4 and three – five years 1:8.

We encourage and promote the access for all children to a pre-school nursery.  We provide a daily school drop-off and collection service to a number of local schools. Some of these may require the use of a staff member’s vehicle, which will be fully insured and complies with all necessary legislation.

A typical routine at nursery for a two year old includes:

Nappy changes are factored into the routines and children are also changed as and when required.

Fun Foundations Day Nursery welcomes all children and aims to respond appropriately to each child’s background and individual needs. We ask parents to give as much notice as possible if a child is disabled or has any special educational needs. This will enable us to explore with parents and any outside agencies how we can provide most effectively for that child. We have a designated Special Needs Coordinator who will be happy to discuss your child’s individual needs with you.

We believe that all of our children and their parents should always be afforded courtesy and prompt attention to their needs and wishes. If a complaint has been raised to a member of staff our aim is to have it resolved within 28 days. 

The CSSIW are keen to hear from our users about their experiences and any concerns that they may have in regards to our nursery. However, it is not a complaints agency, and cannot deal with complaints linked to individual cirumstances. If they are not able to deal with your particular complaint, they will direct you to the organisation best placed to help you.

They can be contacted through:

More details can be found on Fun Foundations complaints procedure on our policies page of the website.

In the event of illness, accident or emergency we will act on the parents behalf and take such action as we consider appropriate. This may include taking your child from the nursery to seek medical attention. Every effort will be made to contact parents in all cases of emergencies.

Children must only be collected from the nursery by their parents / legal guardian or a nominated, responsible adult over the age of 16.

The nursery has a large garden area suitable for the range of ages attending. This is securely fenced and gated. The children are supervised at all times. We are situated in the heart of Cowbridge with access to a vegetable plot and the local library, which will provide a plethora of learning opportunities. Children will always be supervised when accessing these areas. The setting is only entered through a secure access door entry.

We have a pet goldfish at nursery, which is contained in a closed lid bowl. He is in a place that enables the children to feed him with adult supervision and does not pose any risk to the child.

The quality of care, statement of purpose and policies and procedures will be reviewed at least annually; the views of:

will be obtained on the quality of care provided as part of any review undertaken. The CSSIW will beinformed of any changes to the service.

The nursery contact details are as follows:

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